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A preprint can be defined as a version of a scholarly paper that precedes formal peer review and publication in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal. Childhood Kidney Diseases (Child Kidney Dis, ChiKD) allows authors to submit preprints to the journal. It is not treated as duplicate submission or duplicate publication. ChiKD recommends that authors disclose the existence of a preprint with its DOI in the letter to the Editor during the submission process. Otherwise, a plagiarism check program—Similarity Check (Crosscheck) or Copy Killer—may flag the results as containing excessive duplication. A preprint submission will be processed through the same peer-review process as a usual submission. If a preprint is accepted for publication, the authors are recommended to update the information on the preprint site with a link to the published article in ChiKD, including the DOI at ChiKD. It is strongly recommended that authors cite the article in ChiKD instead of the preprint in their next submission to journals.

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