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J Korean Soc Pediatr Nephrol 1998;2(1): 86-89.
심한 방광 요관 역류를 동반한 양측성 Hutch's Diverticulum 1례
신종수, 전유식, 나창수, 정건영, 염규영
1을지의과대학병원 소아과학교실
2을지의과대학병원 소아과학교실
3을지의과대학병원 소아과학교실
4을지의과대학병원 진단방사선과학교실
5을지의과대학병원 비뇨기과학교실
A Case of Hutch's Diverticulum Associated with Severe Bilateral Vesicoureteral Reflux
Jong-Su Shin, Yu-Sik Jeon, Chang-Soo Ra, Gun-Young Jeong, Gyu-Young Yeum
1Department of Pediatrics, Eulji Medical college
2Department of Pediatrics, Eulji Medical college
3Department of Pediatrics, Eulji Medical college
4Department of Diagnostic Radiology, Eulji Medical college
5Department of Urology, Eulji Medical college
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A bladder diverticulum occurs when the bladder mucosa herniates or protrudes through the muscular wall of the baldder. The majority of congenital bladder diverticula occurs in males. They are the most common in the region of the bladder base, most frequently in the region of the ureteral hiatus, in which case they are known as Hutch's diverticula. They can give rise to obstruction or reflux. We had experienced a case of bilateral Hutch's diverticulum associated with vesicoureterai reflux in a 23 month old male. Chief complaints were urinary frequency and dysuria. Voiding cystourogram and CT scan revealed large bilateral Hutch's diverticulum with bilateral vesiciureteral reflux grade VI. There was evidence of urinary infection. This patient was successfully treated by ureteroneocystostomy. We report this case with a brief review of related literatures.
Key words: Hutch's diverticulum | Vesicoureteral reflux

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